5 Ways To Improve The Look Of Any Room

One of the most horrible things in the world is getting invited into someone’s home and being blown away by how beautiful it is. You should never feel that way because it’s not good for you, but sometimes it just happens and you can’t help the way you feel. There is something about their home that makes it seem perfect. You are constantly looking around and wishing your home was as nice, because you know deep down it’s not even close. Things have to change.

You might not love the way your home looks, but that isn’t anyone else’s fault. Everyone has the power to change the way their home looks even if they have to save a little money first. If you want to improve how your home looks then there are ways to get the most bang for your buck. With a few changes it can look just as great as anyone’s, but you need to know what to change. Take a look at these ideas and maybe you can try some of them out because I know you’ll love the results.

Give it a lick of paint

Old ladder

Most people wait until it’s time to completely redecorate their room before they even consider painting the walls, but with the right kind of paint you can completely change the look of the room. Even choosing a color similar to what you have at the moment will make the walls shine. The best thing about it is that it only takes a few days to do yourself, so instead of putting up with the horrible walls you have at the moment just change them.

Buy classier furniture

seier+seier plywood chair christmas card

Furniture doesn’t need to be expensive if you want it to look great. You can usually get something that looks amazing for very cheap if you look hard enough. If you don’t want to buy anything brand new then look for pieces that someone is throwing out. When you buy anything made of wood there is a danger it could be infested, but as long as you have it treated before taking it into your home it will be fine.

Have a clear out

Have you ever considered the reason your home doesn’t look great is because it’s filled with crap? Just because you bought something a long time ago doesn’t mean you need to hold onto it until it’s falling apart. Take everything you don’t really need and let it go. When you have less stuff lying around you will notice a big difference when it’s gone. Most of us have a habit of hoarding too many useless items we don’t really need.

Rip up your carpet


A carpet can be one of the best features in a room, but that is only if you have the right carpet. If your one doesn’t look great it ruins the look of the room. It’s the one thing that takes up the most space in any room and you will notice it 100{438cb2300061349b6c7d90eaf8485b34cb640385e490e43e302dd2e197f2ab69} of the time. If you’re constantly walking on something that leaves a bad taste in your mouth you won’t feel good. Try laying some wooden flooring and the look and feel of the place will completely change.

Get some nice curtains

moving colored curtains

We’ve already talked about changing the carpets, walls, and furniture. The other big thing that is very noticeable inside a room is the curtains. It’s the final piece in the puzzle and can transform the look of the place. Don’t run out and buy anything you can get your hands on because you aren’t in a rush. Look for lovely ones that you won’t mind looking at every day. Once you do get new ones you will feel like you’re in a different room every time you close them.

Lance Abraham is an interior decorator. He works for Baybrook Remodelers Inc, his work demands a high level of customization and his firm is one the few who provide customized kitchen remodelling in CT.