Top five tips when buying a sofa

Yes, the time has come to make that grand investment… in the form of a brand new sofa. Buying sofas, seats and beds is so much more satisfying than buying many other pieces of furniture; mainly because you’re likely to get more use out of them than a cupboard or drawer. Certainly you’re bound to get more personal satisfaction when you get to rest on them anyway. However before you go and pick the comfiest, most sleep-inducing sofa around, there are number of practical things you should consider.

To go with the room, or not to

Colour, shape, size, style – consider each of these points before throwing your money away on any old sofa. It’s going to be with you a long time and its certainly going to be the focal point in any room – even if it doesn’t particularly stand out. Nonetheless standing out or not ultimately raises the subject of colour. Do you want to choose a complementary colour scheme, or have something that really screams out “I’m here! Sit on me!”. Sometimes something that humbly whispers, “you can sit on me if you want to, you really can”, is better than the former – but it’s your choice. Shape and style aren’t as much of a concern as colour and material, but if you’re going with cuboid shapes, or art deco, then your sofa can seamlessly contribute to this mix.

Feel good to you?

Choose a sofa that doesn’t chaff every time you move would really be a top tip here. In all seriousness though, how do you want your material to feel when you sit on it? Do you want to slide all over the place like a kid on a lubricated rubber mat, or stick to it like Spiderman just had an accident with his webbing?
The initial temperature of the sofa too is normally dependent on what material you choose; probably more so than where it is placed in the room. Leather will be cool to the touch, but will warm up. Synthetics meanwhile will retain their temperature better but might be harder to clean.

Feet? What feet?

Don’t forget your sofa is going to have feet and this will cause a downward pressure on your carpet. Pressure marks might not be a problem to you but physics says the smaller the contact area with the floor, the deeper the pressure mark. Wider feet with spread the weight more and lessen this effect. You’ve also got to approve of the feet in the first place. If you’re particularly fussy, this might put you off buying your dream sofa in the first place!

The through the door conundrum

Simple piece of advice. Don’t underestimate the size of the sofa – even if you have the measurements to hand. For the ultimate control freak, it might be a good idea to cut card to the dimensions of the potential buy and see how it sizes up against your expectations – which are very often different in your head to the real world.

Cleaning and maintenance

Your material choice will also have an impact on your ability to clean your sofa. Most things wipe of leather sofas for example, while synthetic fabrics will harbour dust and grime more easily.

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