5 Home Renovation Ideas to Transform Your Home

In the current market it seems that only the financially privileged few can afford to buy new homes. Sellers are unable to find buyers, whilst most first time buyers are struggling to get onto the property ladder at all. The result is a kind of stand off where, for the foreseeable future, large numbers of potential movers are stuck where they are. However, even for those who were looking to upgrade, this is not the end of the world. If you can’t buy your fantasy home right now then why not have a go at converting the abode you do have into something that is a bit more like the residence of your dreams. Here are 5 home renovation ideas to transform your home to get you started.

1. Blitz the bathroom.

Nothing dates a house more than a tired bathroom, so if you’re keen to do some home renovation and you’ve got a good solid budget then why not plan an overhaul of the wettest room in the house. The first thing to focus on here is the suite – if the toilet, bath and sink are looking a bit past their sell by date, are damaged or give the bathroom a bit of a tattered feel, then it can be a good idea to replace them. Stylish, modern suites don’t have to cost a fortune and don’t have to be difficult to install. If you’ve got the room and you want a super luxurious feel to the bathroom then consider ditching a built-in tub for a decadent freestanding bath. Rainforest showers, spotlighting, adding additional windows, proper ventilation and re-tiling the walls will also give your bathroom a brand spanking new feel.

2. Convert the basement or cellar

In most homes, basements and cellars are spaces that go completely unused – often they considered inconvenient, damp, smelly and basically not a nice environment in which to spend your time. However, the basement or cellar usually stretches right out underneath the entire ground floor, giving you a huge space to play with if you take up the conversion mantle. A successful cellar conversion doesn’t have to cost a fortune if done properly. You will need to look into potential planning applications, waterproofing, any structural work that might be required, and then fitting out the space with electrics, plumbing etc, as well as the design of the space itself.

3. Bring the outside inside

A conservatory remains one of the best ways to transform a property where there is no room for extensions other than into the garden. Most conservatories don’t need planning permission, which makes them a relatively hassle free way to create a new room. From opting for a modern, glass, frameless design, through to the more traditional Edwardian or Victorian styles, the addition of a conservatory will provide you with a whole extra room and transform the way you use the space you have in your home.

4. Strip everything back

If you were to peel off the layers of paint and wallpaper in most houses, you would see evidence of habitation going back decades, if not centuries. Stripping back everything in your home can completely transform it and make it feel completely yours. The obvious place to start is with the floorboards – removing old, tired carpets, exposing original boards underneath and then repairing and treating them so that you have a new, original design feature and don’t need to lay a new carpet. Taking your home one room at a time, you can then move on to stripping the wallpaper or paint from the walls – there are a number of methods for doing this, from sanding to heat – and then applying your own finishing coat. You might even come across some rare vintage wallpaper if you’re lucky.

Home renovation5. Extend the kitchen

Extending the kitchen is one of the home renovation ideas most likely to transform your home, particularly if you’re currently cooking in a room the size of a broom cupboard. Most extensions are easily accommodated in a traditional terraced house or a larger building, and can be designed to incorporate skylights, a glass roof or fabulous French doors. You should not need planning permission for a kitchen extension, as long as it is within the set size limits – these differ depending on the house and where it is situated so it’s a good idea to check that your home falls within these first, before beginning the project http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/permission/.

Whatever you think your property needs, these 5 home renovation ideas to transform your home are an inspirational way to bring new life into a tired home. Before you undertake any of these challenges, make sure you know the planning situation and that you have considered everything that might be required, from electrics through to plumbing – consult a professional if necessary.

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