4 Tips to Decorate your Daughter’s Room


If you are planning on decorating your daughter’s room in the near future, then you might be stuck for some original ideas. Depending on the age of your daughter, getting the decor just right is going to be somewhat difficult, not to mention complicated.

Just because your daughter is interested and obsessive about something now, does not necessarily mean that she is going to feel that way for a long time. In this article, we will take a look at some of the more common factors to consider when decorating a girl’s room.

Paint and Wallpaper

As a rule, paint is probably a better option than wallpaper if you have a very young daughter. Younger children have a tendency to scribble and draw on walls, and if your daughter is very young, paint should be your first choice.

In fact, a lot of paint manufacturing companies now specialise in offering paints for children’s rooms, which can be wiped clean, should they scribble or just get grubby finger prints everywhere. Wallpaper is a better option for when your daughter is more mature, and there are a lot of options out there

Blinds and Curtains

When the painting or wallpapering has been completed, you can accentuate it by the addition of blinds or curtains, which compliment the colour scheme you have chosen. In fact, a lot of people often choose to have both blinds and curtains for added style and for better privacy.


Adding a table and a chair is a great way to make sure that pens and other implements find their way on to paper rather than your freshly decorated walls.

For younger girls, a desk will give them plenty of room to let their artistic side flourish, whilst for older girls, a desk will give them somewhere to do their homework. Another addition that will go down well is bunk beds. Bunk beds are ideal for when your daughter has a friend over for a sleepover.


Something which is often overlooked by a lot of parents when the time comes to decorate their daughter’s bedroom is lighting, yet lighting a child’s room correctly can be just as important as any other room. You can opt for bright lamp shades, spotlights and do not forget a night light for those younger children who might find the dark a bit too enveloping.