3 Ways to Increase Storage Space in your Bathroom

The bathroom is a commonly overlooked storage opportunity even though it is the home of our most intimate secrets! The bathroom is the place where you have to have an ample supply of fresh towels, toothpaste and other bits and bobs which really would not work in any other room of the house. Today we will look into three easy ways to increase the storage space in your bathroom.

1.) Vanity Cupboard

Vanity Cupboard

In today’s market there are many beautiful ways that you can convert your sink space into storage space. A vanity cupboard is a cupboard and sink hybrid that comes in many different colors, sizes and surfaces to match your bathroom décor. A vanity cupboard can have shelves, draws or simply act as a cupboard, giving you valuable, aesthetically pleasing and useful storage space just for the bathroom. If you are going to opt for a vanity unit be sure to measure the space that you need, this prevents you from going overboard and ruining the design of your bathroom.

2.) Mirror Unit

Bathroom mirror

Rather than having a standalone mirror in the bathroom, you can always opt for a mirrored bathroom cabinet, this helps give you some extra storage space in the bathroom. Mirrored cabinets can be more than just a single cupboard with a mirror on top. You can get them in different sizes and lengths to make sure the space can accommodate your bathroom items.

3.) Storage units

Space for your bathroom

As well as the secret and hidden forms of storage in a bathroom in the form of vanity units and mirror cabinets, you can also add storage space with other storage solutions such as standalone draw units, wall cabinets and shelving units. If you are going to get a standalone shelving unit for towels and other bathroom sundry, the best thing to do is find one that fits the style of your bathroom and fills the available space. Many people who have a space for a tall unit will choose a small unit, this is because they are thinking about function rather than design. However the trick is to fill the available space, and then use any extra space for decorative purposes. This saves you from leaving empty but unusable space and will give a much better feel in the bathroom. If you have bought a tall shelving unit for towels, for example, but find that you only need two of the shelves, use the remaining shelves for dried flowers, plants, or a fish tank or bowl to convert extra space into design space.

If you need some extra space to hide items that you will be using daily such as shampoos, conditioners and bathroom sponges. Then hiding them in storage units may waste valuable time in the mornings, a good alternative storage option would be shower corners. These are small, (often chrome or plastic) shelves which fit into the corners of baths, showers and walls. These are excellent, water proof ways to keep your daily necessities in close reach whilst taking some of the clutter out of your bathroom.

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